Dhamma USA is a dedicated team of spiritual friends to foster the great values of Buddhist teachings through our Spiritual Care and Community Care as the main objectives.We serve the needy without any discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, language, religion or culture. All our services are rendered free of cost, we welcome your generous support in many ways – financially, voluntarily or any other way. We welcome friends from around the world to join us in realizing our noble goals.

DHAMMA USA is a community and charity organization engaged in Community Care, Spiritual Care & Pali Studies. We conduct Meditation, Yoga, Spiritual Counselling, Healing & Therapeutic Chanting and Teaching Pali Language, Sutta Studies & Buddhist Studies. We promote peace, harmony, non-violence along with the message of the Buddha. We are happy to share the Theravada Buddhist Studies with any like minded individuals or community around. However, we support all the other Buddhist schools without any discrimination in our capacity. We also respect all the other religions and their teachings on humanity, world peace, non-violence, and environmental care. 
DHAMMA USA 是一間推廣社區關懷、心靈關懷和巴利語研究的社區和慈善機構。 我們有舉辦冥想、瑜伽、心靈照護、治療和誦經治療以及教授巴利文的課程。 提倡和平、和諧、非暴力是佛陀一直以來要傳達給大家的訊息而我們一直努力推行著。 我們很高興能與志同道合的人或是社區團體分享上座部佛教的研究。同時我們也尊重佛教的其他傳承以及所有其他推崇慈悲、世界和平、非暴力和環境保護等教義的宗教。
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Spiritual Care
Spiritual Care

Dhamma US is dedicated to foster the Spiritual Care of the community in particular and all sentient beings in general. (Read More)

Community Care
Community Care

Community Care is a primary objective of Dhamma US organization. We always care for the wellbeing and welfare (Read More)


Here is a collection of e-books, Dhamma Talks and Videos for our readers to enhance their Dhamma knowledge. (Read More)

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Saddhama Sajjhayana (Chanting of the noble Teachings) is an innovative and brave step that we are going to undertake. This TCP is probably a unique attempt to recite the entire Pali Tipitaka. (Read More)

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